intaktiv e.V. – a Voice for Genital Autonomy

„All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.“ 


This is the fundamental maxim of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on which the objectives and work of intaktiv e.V. – a Voice for Genital Autonomy are based. We are committed to the right of all humans to decide for themselves whether any surgeries are to be performed on their genitals without immediate medical necessity. We seek to achieve our objectives mainly through the means of societal education. 

intaktiv was founded in May 2013, is based in Mainz, Germany and has been accepted as a registered charity in November 2013. 

More about our objectives and work in our position statement.

Our leaflet about „Circumcision“ of Boys – Foreskin Amputation – Male Genital Mutilation is also available in English. Download leaflet as PDF.